Artificial Intelligence Notes

Systems worth investigating for AI

Note: I think we can wrangle all of these systems into something like an average shader developing software. But I need to keep researching this cause I really am basing that off a gut instinct. 

  • Zodiac:
    • Even if the story of a game doesn't reveal the planet or solar system it takes place in, it should still take place in a functioning solar system. This doesn't need to be
  • Numerology:
    • way to start testing this is by naming the object to add to its life. We can assign random letters to a npc and use the math behind numerology to add characteristics to the object or character.
  • Tarot:
    • Tarot has a set number of cards with meanings. And there are different layouts that give information for different types of situations. We could use these as bridges towards making decisions or more specif to situation reactions than the Zodiac will help with.
  • Palm reading:
    • I'm sure there are ways to implement this sort of fingerprint into each spawned character. Have machine learning analyze hundreds of hand patterns and assign value to the pattern based on palm reading teachings.
  • Responses to Facial expression.
    • lets say there is a grumpy npc but you made them smile, so their entire attitude can be affected by that shape of their face.
    • so there can be reflexive responses to interactions that change the expression on the npc's face. The code gets filtered through what ever new dynamics are created